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Newcastle Christian School has started with the first principle that all truth is God’s truth. God has revealed Himself in Scripture and nature, and a truly Christian education will “combine God’s special and natural revelations, the Bible and human knowledge, faith and reason”(1). Each subject is taught in the light of Biblical revelation and placed within a Christian world-view.

Teachers employ the best available curricular material, and have also developed new material where desirable.

Whilst exercise and sports do not have a place within the curriculum (see below), our premises accommodate physical recreation at break times.

The key concepts upon which the study of each subject is grounded are available in a separate document, which we would strongly commend to your attention.


John Dury, a Puritan educational reformer of the Commonwealth era, recognized three stages of cognitive development, which he termed “the ordinary degrees of children’s natural capacities”. Newcastle Christian School instructs children in the first and second of these stages (Years 1-4 and Years 5-8). Pedagogy at NCS is in line with these “natural capacities”, concentrating upon laying down strong foundations in the basics and memorization of facts in the earlier years; then building upon these foundations and teaching the children to reason in the second stage and to begin to apply reason and good judgment.

For the days that the children are not in school the teachers provide suggested home study assignments which, if adopted, assist pupils to remain in sync with the school curriculum. The school’s limited timetable also enables families to arrange many other educational activities for their children, for which NCS does not cater. Music, sport, drama, baking, gardening and computer programming are some of the areas in which NCS pupils have thrived, aided by the freedom of the school’s part-time structure.

(1) Leland Ryken, Worldly Saints: The Puritans as they Really Were (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1986), p.170

“By a Christian atmosphere I mean first of all that deep conviction on the part of the teacher that no fact is teachable except when brought into relationship with God.”

Cornelius Van Til

Foundations of Christian Education: Addresses to Teachers

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