Supporting Christian homeschooling families in the Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead and Durham area

Middle School


Students in Years 5-8 focus on the following subjects: theology, English language (comprising lessons in grammar, composition, public speaking, spelling and handwriting), English literature (including reading comprehension), mathematics, history, science, geography, music (singing and saxophone) and art.


The whole school joins together for an assembly, led by a member of the School Board, on a Monday morning. Wednesday and Friday mornings begin with a scripture reading and prayer in the class.

Learning in English grammar, reading comprehension and mathematics is structured around workbooks tailored to the age and ability of each individual student. Lists of recommended reading help the students to use the well-stocked library effectively.

Lessons in theology are given by the members of the School Board; the rest of English language, English literature and history are taught by the class teacher; and science and geography by subject specialists. Instruction is to the whole class, with activities differentiated according to the age and aptitude of each student.

The whole school joins together for singing and art lessons on a Wednesday afternoon.

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